Eversource’s Solar Suppression

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Eversource’s solar suppression

I was disappointed to see the Recorder’s laudatory and rather
decontextualized appraisal of Eversource’s solar projects in this
week’s Monday Shorts (“Advancing solar,” 2/25).

While you mention Eversource’s reputation for foot dragging on many
private solar projects (and, I would add, on many community solar
projects as well), you appear to have accepted their corporate press
release at face value and failed to connect the dots for readers who
are unfamiliar with this issue.

It’s the distribution utilities (such as Eversource) that lobbied to have
a piece of the action in building out the alternative-energy
generation sector. It’s the distribution utilities that lobbied for
low caps on the total solar production to be built. And it’s the
distribution utilities that appear to be doing whatever they can to
ensure that as much as possible of the reduced capacity, given these
low caps, is composed of their own highly profitable projects.

Since these utilities are able to build their own projects with ease and
hold up any other project pretty much at will, and at many points
along the way, with no accountability mechanisms, we are left with
the proverbial fox guarding the hen house.

Such was the case here in Sunderland: the town’s own relatively modest
solar project was downsized and curtailed, after many delays, while
Eversource’s own larger solar field in Sunderland (near
Bub’sBar-B-Que on Route 116) sailed ahead without obstacle. Rather
than superficial coverage of the solar build-out in Massachusetts,
I’d like to see the Recorder do some deep digging that goes beyond
the utilities’ self congratulatory public relations.

I implore you to interview PV installers, developers, and array owners,
large and small, and gather the facts and information that will
expose this suppression and theft of the commonwealth’s solar power



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