Estimated MA Residential Photovoltaic System Costs and Incentives

Depending on your electrical demand, site and financial considerations, Greenfield Solar designs an optimal PV system, submits all permits, incentives and Installs in a timely manner.

Residential PV System Size

13.32 kW Roof

7.4 kW Roof

8.88 kW
All Earth Tracker

7.4 kW 1 Pole

Estimated Annual Electrical Generation

15,584 kWh

8,658 kWh

13,500 kWh

7,700 kWh

Total Estimated Cost





FEDERAL tax credit (26% may be rolled over)*





MA State tax credit (15% up to $1000)





Net Cost





Total Annual energy credit
(includes avoided electrical costs and Class 1 RECs, Estimated @25¢/kWhr)





Simple Payback

7.5 yrs

7.5 yrs

8.8 yrs

11.4 yrs

Financing through UMass Five College Credit Union

As part of their commitment to sustainability, UMass Five College Credit Union offers loans up to $75,000 for the installation of residential solar systems. Funds may also be used for tree removal and roof repair. The program does not require homeowners to use their equity to qualify!

The program also has options for commercial businesses and landlords.

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MACRS Depreciation

An incentive for commercial solar PV systems, ask your tax accountant to calculate the MACRS 5 year depreciation.